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Custom Ceremonies with Heart and Soul

Your ceremony is the heart and soul of your wedding day and it's also an opportunity to deepen your relationship as we create the ceremony together...

Lisa's Elopement
Calendar of Availability

We are currently booked up through mid-April, 2018 - available dates start the week of April 20th. Dates with a grey box or marked "available" are still open. You can click on each date for more details.

The beauty of elopements is that we can do them any day of the week, plus mornings on the weekend before our regular weddings kick in, so there are lots of dates to choose from. You'll also notice that we set aside two time slots for each day, so if one time slot is not open, check to see if the other one is available. We like to give you lots of options!

Keep in mind, the closer we get to a certain month, those dates get booked faster and faster. At the same time, dates as far out as October 2018 are also currently being booked, so if you have your eye on a date, don't sit on it - secure it sooner than later!

I am a non-denominational Colorado wedding officiant and interspiritual family minister for the Denver, Boulder, Front Range, Rocky Mountain and Durango areas. I create one-of-a-kind Customized Ceremonies for full weddings and also offer Colorado Elopement Packages.

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