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As an interspiritual family minister, I believe there are as many definitions of spirituality as there are people, and I travel around Colorado supporting my families in their important life passages and milestones. Divorce is one of the many major passages that you can encounter in life, and my role is to help facilitate your transition with powerful ceremony.

As you journey through the process of your divorce, it can be a bit like running a marathon. It doesn't happen all at once, but rather there are milestones along the way. There is the inevitable mixture of grief and letting go, while simultaneously putting energy toward the new life that you are beginning to create for your future. Ceremony is a powerful tool to recognize a big and tough transition like divorce. This is a major passage in your life, and ceremony is a potent way to mark the significance of what you are experiencing. When you mark an important life passage like this, you honor yourself. And in honoring yourself, you discover the healing and transformation possible amidst all of the letting go.

I look forward to creating a powerful, moving and hope-inspiring ceremony with you. While you are exiting a partnership, you are also an incredible individual, full of so much potential, possibility and ability. Together we will acknowledge all of this in a way that helps you move forward in your process with more ease, grace and fulfillment. I also am connected with a wonderful community of communication experts, life coaches, lawyers, therapists, support groups and more - all of whom take the same loving, compassionate and thoughtful approach to your process as I do. You can visit my Community Page of great resources here.



Your ceremony might be quiet and sacred, or it might be a big party celebration or it might be an anger ritual or anywhere in the spectrum between. We'll discover that together based on what's exactly right for you. Here's how a Divorce Ceremony experience works...

Who's involved: I recommend a personal ceremony for one or both individuals, and from there you can decide if you'd like to do a ritual as a couple as well. There is something very beneficial about recognizing on your own what you are letting go of and what you can see as possibility for your future.  From there, you can discern whether having a ritual as a couple feels right. When you have your personal ceremony, you can invite family and friends or keep it more private, and you can have me officiate it, or you can facilitate it yourself. Your ceremony might take place while your divorce is in process, just as it ends, or even years down the line.

What's involved: You and I meet to create your ceremony together, and we personalize it to fit exactly what will be most powerful for you to experience. We acknowledge what you are letting go of, where there is pain and also where there is gratitude, and we also envision what you are stepping toward. There are infinite ways that we can represent each of these things in your ceremony, and together we will choose what fits you. Ceremony elements might include candles, music, items from nature, readings, blessings, personal vows, vision boards and any number of little mini-rituals that we create to symbolize your letting go and your stepping forward.


• Ceremony Creation:  After we meet and envision together, you'll take some time to integrate what we talked about and then we'll meet again to finalize how we'll do the ceremony. This integration phase is actually part of the divorce ceremony process, and is usually rich with aha moments, shifts and realizations. Once we finalize the ceremony plans, I'll write a completely customized ceremony for you, which is what will make it a special, meaningful, powerful and potent.

• The Ceremony Itself: I'll officiate the ceremony for you or if you want to facilitate it for yourself I'll provide you with full written instructions.

• Chat with me about it:  I'll hop on the phone with you (no charge) to learn about what you want, and to begin to envision your ceremony with you. This is a thoughtful, creative conversation and will also help you decide if you'd like to work with me.

• Extra Perk:  I am an interspiritual family minister, which means that I believe there are as many definitions of spirituality as there are people. Once I’ve worked with you, I consider myself available to you as your family minister, and I give you ongoing no-charge access to my weekly office hours for spiritual support by phone should you ever need it (more on my office hours and spiritual support here). 

Divorce Ceremony Fee:  $500, which includes everything mentioned in the rich process above. If there is anything unusual or extra involved, that could add a little more to the fee. A modest travel fee applies for any location more than 40 miles from my Boulder, CO home base.

I look forward to creating an empowering divorce ceremony with you. For our initial consult/chat, you can call me at 303-842-4321 or fill out the contact form below which will instantly send me a message. 

Much love, Lisa Hunter

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I am a non-denominational Colorado wedding officiant and interspiritual family minister for the Denver, Boulder, Front Range, Rocky Mountain and Durango areas. I create one-of-a-kind Customized Ceremonies for full weddings and also offer Colorado Elopement Packages.

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