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Your ceremony is the heart and soul of your wedding day and it's also an opportunity to deepen your relationship as we create the ceremony together...

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*  SPIRITUAL COACHING  *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Because I am an interspiritual minister for as many definitions of spirituality as there are people, my coaching style is collaborative rather than instructive. Sure, I’m happy to offer advice and direction if needed, and my primary goal is to first help you discover your own answers and what is truly meaningful for you. That’s because the only “dogma” or “doctrine” at play here is your own unique truth. And the answers regarding this are different for every single person!

If you're wondering if spiritual coaching or support is something that you need, a good way to assess is to ask yourself, "Am I exploring or struggling with questions having to do with my beliefs, practices or connection with 'something larger that connects us all'?" and "Is there something in my life right now that is a big transition, thus calling me to yearn for or explore my connection with 'what it all means'?"  This could be happening in any area of your life. Check to see if one or both of these questions apply, and if so, then you can come for spiritual support to help identify what is true for you, and how to apply this clarity in your life in a practical way.

Most of my spiritual coaching sessions take place over the phone, and you are welcome to work with me at any time, whether I have officiated something for you before (wedding, blessing, etc) or if we are new to each other.

When it’s free: One of the perks of having me as your “family minister” is that once we’ve worked together for a ceremony, blessing or ritual, I consider myself in-service to you and am of automatic support for you in certain ways. This includes access to my office hours (email me for the current schedule). For no charge, you are welcome to call during office hours for spiritual coaching support.

When there’s a fee: If you are new to me, or I am your family minister and you want to schedule a special session at a specific time, then the fee is $225 per hour, or a sliding scale for those in need. If you are new to me, there is an hour-long intake session to start, and then we go from there.

To ask questions or set up a time, please email at lisa@CeremoniesWithLisa.com or call 303-842-4321.

Much love, Lisa

I am a non-denominational Colorado wedding officiant and interspiritual family minister for the Denver, Boulder, Front Range, Rocky Mountain and Durango areas. I create one-of-a-kind Customized Ceremonies for full weddings and also offer Colorado Elopement Packages.

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